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Lawn Renovation (Replace Your Old Lawn)

Perhaps the most difficult estimation in lawn care is deciding whether your lawn is beyond rejuvenation.  The average lawn lives 25-30 years, beyond that a lawn will begin to lose its vitality.

Like any living thing, lawns have a life span at which point they become problematic.  The effort to sustain an old lawn often exceeds the effort to remove it and start anew.  In considering replacing your old lawn, it cannot be emphasized enough how much more attractive the luster and texture of a new lawn are.  So much richer and vibrant are new lawns than that of older failing lawns that they almost cannot be compared.

Thatching and aerating become necessary for old lawns, eventually requiring this for life support.  Hydroseeding over existing grass brings back a lot of its vitality, however, at some point the expense of sustaining an old lawn may notbe worth it.

Never in the process of renovating your lawn, rototill the old lawn into the soil.  Sod decomposes very slowly and will create "hot spots" throughout your lawn giving it an uneven, camouflaged appearance.

We regularly overseed existing lawns, yet recommend sod removal and starting anew if the lawn has become moss laden, heavily thatched, and old.

SprayLawn has hydroseeded as many lawns for people who have removed their old lawns, started anew, as new construction lawns.

Many lawns are impossible to bring to their full potential because they never had decent topsoil installed in the first place.  A classic example is where a spec house receives a gratuitous 1/2" of top soil under their lawn and the homeowner watches the water run off their lawn 5 minutes after they begin watering it (clay hardpan absorbs very little water).  Invariably, in the summer, this lawn will brown out and look shabby.  If a homeowner, despite their best efforts, encounters these problems, they should consider sod removal, importation, and spreading 4" of a good, sandy loam, and of course, hydroseed...

It is for these reasons I am a bit reserved to eagerly promote hydroseeding over an existing lawn as a fix all for rejuvenating an existing problematic lawn.  It will definitely improve the appearance, however the final solution for creating a spectacular lawn may be better served by installing a new lawn altogether.

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